Danh Mountain – Bac Giang

Danh Mountain lies on the territory of two communes of Lien Chung and Viet Lap, Tan Yen district, about 20 km from Bac Giang city. The highest peak of the mountain is about 117 m above sea level. Danh Mountain is a beautiful natural landscape, surrounded by a system of relics and sacred and fanciful landscapes.

Danh Temple is situated on the top of the Danh Mountain, offering the panorama of the surrounding area. The complex consists of 3 temples: Trinh Temple, Thuong Temple and Ha Temple. It was built to worship the two generals Cao Son, and Quy Minh.

No one knows exactly when the Temple was built. Based on the remaining relics such as stone columns, ancient incense burner, air sacred objects, the temple is built from the Le dynasty in the 18th century.

Over many ups and downs of history, especially during the resistance war against France, the temple was much destroyed. It was restored, renovated for several times.

There is a vast pine forest, green eucalyptus, and many trees have been grown for years. There about 345 steps to walk up to the mountain’s peak. There is a small well at the foot of the mountain. The well is about 2 meters deep, built of brick and cement. It is said that the well is never depleted.

Danh Temple is a spiritual center, where the traditional festival is held every year, on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of January in lunar year.

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