Dam Ri Waterfall – Lam Dong

Dam Ri Waterfall is a major travel attractions in Da Lat, Lam Dong Vietnam.

To get Dam Ri waterfall, follow National Road No. 20 from Da Lat. The waterfall is 18 kilometers west of Bao Loc Town. This majestic waterfall, 90 meters tall, is an important waterfall in Da Lat and Lam Dong, especially on tours departing from Ho Chi Minh City, provinces in the Mekong Delta and Binh Thuan Province.

Dam Ri is a word in the Co ho language. It means “waiting.” It is the com­bined names of two lovers,Dam and H’Ri. According to legend, H’Ri often came here to bathe when the waterfall was much smaller. One day, Dam (sometimes also called Kdam) came to the stream during a hunt. When he cast his eyes upon H’Ri bathing, he was mesmerized by her beauty. Dam and H’Ri eventually fell in love and got married.

One day, Dam went hunting in the forest and did not return. H’Ri waited and waited for her hus­band’s return. She wept so much and so long that her tears created a stream that formed a large waterfall.

Eventually, Dam returned. But after he was told about his wife’s despair, he went to the stream and jumped in to demonstrate his loyalty. His body turned into a lion. Standing by the water-fall, you can see a lion-shaped rock at its bed. People say it is the young Dam crying over his dead wife. That’s why the Co ho named the waterfall Dam H’Ri, which is now mispronounced as Dam Ri.

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