Datanla Waterfall is merely 5km from the center of Dalat city, Lam Dong province. The waterfall retains a sense of pure nature and adventure with spectacular settings.

The Datanla waterfall at a depth of 20 meters, worms through many steps of rock-slits, and then hides itself inside the jungle, flowing alternatively in and out of sight and challenging tourists’ curiosity. There are beautiful and glossy rock slabs where fairies from heaven legendarily used to bathe and get amused. Therefore it is also called Fairy Stream.

According to the legend, the waterfall having a deep cave hidden in the forest used to be a shelter for a local troop in the war with the Chams hundreds of years ago. Hence, it is given a name of Datanla, a compound word in K’Ho language “Da-Tam-N’ha”, meaning “water under the leaves”.

Visitors enjoy the stunning landscapes from the top to the foot of the waterfall either by walking on foot for about 10-15 minutes or by riding the roller coasters within 2 minutes. Since the 48 rolling coaster system was put into operation, it has attracted many travelers coming to discover the fascinating beauty of Datanla Waterfall.

Two-seater cars equipped with hand breaks to vary the speed run on the 1 km long route, meandering through pine forests and gradually descending to the fall bottom, which gives tourists a great pleasure and excitement while enjoying the breathtaking downhill view.

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