Bac Giang Top 10 Places to Visit

Bac Giang province is known not only for several historical sites but also for beautiful sightseeing places, which has attracted many visitors. This list features the 10 best places to visit in Bac Giang from historical relics to the primitive forest. Read on and find your next vacation.

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda

bac giang vinh nghiem pagoda

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda is located in Duc La hamlet, Tri Yen commune, Yen Dung district, about 80km from Hanoi city center. It is also called Duc La pagoda. The pagoda was a Buddhism center to train the monks nationwide and a place of origin for Truc Lam Zen Buddhism. It also houses a woodblocks collection recognized by UNESCO as a World Documentary Heritage in Asia Pacific region in 2012.

Xuong Giang Citadel

xuong giang festival

Xuong Giang Citadel or Xuong Giang Victory Historic Relic Site is situated in Bac Giang city, about 70km from Hanoi city center. It was recognized by the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism of Vietnam as a National Relic Site in 2009. The site was repaired in 2012 with a harmonious combination of the later Le dynasty’s architecture and modern unique items.

Khe Ro Primitive Forest

Khe Ro Primitive Forest is situated in An Lac commune, Son Dong district, about 170km from Hanoi city center. It is an outstanding primitive forest in the North East of Vietnam. The forest owns the diverse flora and fauna systems, which is ideal for researchers and those who love the nature wild life.

Cam Son Lake

cam son lake bac giang

Cam Son lake is situated in Luc Ngan district, about 130km from Hanoi city center. The lake covers 2,600 hectares and even reaches 3,000 hectares in the rainy season. Being surrounded by the high mountain range, Cam Son lake is a wonderful place for water activity and nature discovery such as rowing, mountain climbing, fishing, walking.

Tho Ha Village

Tho Ha village is located in Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, about 50km from Hanoi city center. This is a typical ancient Vietnamese village with old banyan tree, well, communal yard as well as the ancient houses deeply hidden in the alley. Before 1960, the village was famous for its pottery, but since 1990, Tho Ha has been well-known for the traditional handicraft of rice paper and noodle.

Suoi Mo

suoi mo stream bac giang

Suoi Mo ecological tourism site is located in Nghia Phuong commune, Luc Nam district, about 100km from Hanoi city center. The place features cool atmosphere of the mountainous area, the tranquility of the road rolling alongside the spring and the hidden house under the majestic forest canopy.

Khuon Than Lake

khuon than lake bac giang

Khuon Than lake is situated in Kien Lao commune, Luc Ngan district, about 130km from Hanoi city center. The lake covers an area of 240 hectares including five small islands with the blanket of 15 – 20-year-old pine trees. It is a wonderful destination for sightseeing, camping, fishing among others. Besides, Khuon Than lake is surrounded by various orchards of lychee, persimmon and pineapple.

Truc Lam Phuong Hoang Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Phuong Hoang Zen Monastery is located at Nham Son commune, Yen Dung district at the elevation of 150m above the sea level. It covers an area of nearly 13 hectares. From the main sanctuary, one can enjoy a view of Cau river, horizontal endless rice field, and the magnificent Nham Bien mountain range. The site creates a significant highlight on the range.

Dong Cao Plateau

Dong Cao plateau is situated in Son Dong district, about 160km from Hanoi city center. The plateau has been a popular camping site for young people who come to enjoy its pristine beauty with a huge carpet of green grass, cool weather and fresh air all the year round.

Bo Da Pagoda

Bo Da Pagoda is situated in Tien Son commune, Viet Yen district, about 60km from Hanoi city center. This is a famous pagoda in the ancient Kinh Bac which served as a training center for the Lam Te Buddhists and preservation for the Vietnamese traditional architecture value. The pagoda owns unique architecture which differs from other pagodas in the north of Vietnam. Bo Da pagoda was recognized as a special national heritage in 2016 while Bo Da pagoda festival was recognized as the national intangible cultural heritage.

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