Don Village Dak Lak is located in Krong Na Commune, Buon Don District, Dak Lak Province close to the Cambodian border, approximately 42km from Buon Ma Thuot. The village is well known as the native land of elephant hunters and trainers throughout Southeast Asia.

Don village Dak Lak, according to the locals, means “village on an island”. The village is in the middle of the Serepok river. The village has long been famous for its Kru, powerful elephant tribe leaders, for a long time, and is well known in India and France for its elephant. Elephant training and hunting has been passed down through generations. It takes 67 months to domesticate a wild elephant.

The elephant garden is a popular destination for visitors to Don village. Here, elephant statues and a statue of the “Elephant Hunting King”- Khusanup – are displayed. Khusanup was born in 1827 and lived for 110 years. He is famous for taming 480 elephants of all kinds.

Khusanup presented two white elephants to the King of Thailand and King Bao Dai of Vietnam. Khusanup passed on his hunting and taming skills to his descendant Ama Kong, who died in 2012. But his stilt house which has been preserved, exhibits documents and photographs depicting the hunting and taming of elephants.

Bamboo bridges are powerful symbols of Don village Dak Lak. All tourists want to cross the bridges at least once. Travelers can lunch on local specialties like as com lam (sticky rice cooked in a bamboo stalk) or grilled wild chicken.

After a 20-minute drive from the village, you arrive at Yok Don National Park which surrounds Dak Minh lake, where you can go out on a wooden boat to watch the sunset. At night, staying in stilt houses, tourists are invited to enjoy traditional dances with the villagers. With its unspoiled nature, scenic landscapes, and cultural peculiarities, Don village Dak Lak is definitely a place worth discovering!

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