Duong No Village – Thua Thien Hue

Duong No village is situated in Phu Duong Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue province. It is the village where President Ho Chi Minh spent his childhood.

In 1898, Nguyen Sinh Huy, President Ho Chi Minh’s father, was invited by a Law Ministry official to come to Duong No and prepare his children for provincial examinations. Young Nguyen Sinh Cung (Ho Chi Minh) stayed with his father in Duong No until 1900. When Huy went to Thanh Hoa and was promoted to Provincial Examiner, Nguyen Sinh Cung returned to Hue and lived with his mother, Hoang Thi Loan.

After the country’s reunification in 1975, the local people restored the house according to its former architecture. Nowadays, it is open for visitors. It exhibits interesting artifacts and pictures of Duong No village.

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