Dong Ba market is situated on the bank of the Perfume River, in Tran Hung Dao street, Hue city, Thua Thien Hue province. This is the biggest commercial centre in Hue city.

Dong Ba market history

Before having Dong Ba market as today, under Gia Long reign at the Chanh Dong gate (Dong Ba gate) was a market with the name “Qui gia thi”. This name marked the event of Phu Xuan revival of Nguyen dynasty. Under Quang Toan reign, civilians fled from the war until Nguyen peaceful dynasty, they came back and built the market named “Qui gia thi”.

About one century later, in summer 1885, the capital was fallen, Qui gia thi market was burned out by the French. In 1887 King Dong Khanh ordered to rebuild the market and renamed to Dong Ba. Dong Ba market was the food’s supply for the Imperial city, hospital, police station, dormitory of National university, Dong Khanh, Binh Linh, Thien Huu university.

Until 1899, due to the Western style city planning, Dong Ba market was moved to current position, the old market became to Phap – Viet Dong Ba school. Dong Ba market under Thanh Thai reign included 4 row of house: before, behind, right and left. The front row had 8 compartment s, the behind row had 12 compartment, the right row had 13 compartments…all tiled by brick roof. In market had a stone well and its supporting system of drawing water.

In the early 20th century, Dong Ba market was repaired many times but still keeps its style. In 1967, Sai Gon government demolished Dong Ba market and built the new one. The progressing construction was destroyed by America’s bombardment in 1968. After that the government had to repair perfunctorily for trading. In 1987 Dong Ba market was restored and had 9 row of house, 4 new departments with total area total of 15 597 square meters.

With the quintessence of Hue from many years, you could find in Dong Ba market: Phu Cam conical hat, Hien Luong knife, scissor, Ke Mon silver and gold jewelry, Song Hy sesame candy, Lai Bang green tea fruit, Tinh Tam lotus seeds, Sinh paper flower…and many traditional dishes such as: mussel rice, beef rice noodle soup, Khoai crepe… Dong Ba market have become a centre supplying Hue specialty to travelers from all around the world once visit Hue.

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