Ha Giang Weather April

Ha Giang Weather April is the time when the north Vietnam enjoys the peak season from the weather perspective. The temperature in the northern part of Vietnam continues to increase and therefore, it is the time when the place will be witnessing the heat of the sun.

It has moved to the wet summer season where there is little rainfall and so the temperature remains warmer and quite uncomfortable. Towards the end of the month of April the rainfall can be expected. The average temperature in the month of April may reach to 24°C.

In the wet summer you can also expect to experience plenty of dry days and there will be no sign of rainfall. In the far Northern Mountains the weather conditions become excellent for the trekkers who love walking and exploring in the regions of Ha Giang, Ba Be National Park and Sapa.

Is April the best month to visit Ha Giang?

The best time to visit Ha Giang region is the dry season, in the months from October to April. Between this time, the best months are April and October where the sky is clear, blue, and it’s not hot. It is not good to go in this mountainous area during the rainy season from May to September. Therefore early May and late September can be fine. The average temperature is approximately the same as in Hanoi. But in mountain areas the weather can change quickly, especially in the rainy season.

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