Kinh Chu Cave – Hai Duong

Kinh Chu cave is located in Duong Nhan village, An Sinh commune, Kinh Mon district, Hai Duong province. We provide at Lotussia private day trip to Hai Duong offering the chance to discover Kinh Chu cave at your own pace.

In the war against Nguyen dynasty of China, King Tran Nhan Tong settled the army on the mountain and prevented the attack from the water line. The mountainside in the south has one big cave called Kinh Chu or Duong Nhan cave, and it is placed in the 6th rank of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam.

From An Phu Mountain to the north, Duong Nhan mountain range looks like a giant rock-garden in the vast space of paddy field. In the north of Duong Nhan, the river flows to the foot of the mountain, which creates the nice landscape.

The west south is bordered by the old village Kinh Chu (Kinh Mon) which is the hometown of stone workers.

The gate of the cave faces the South. It is on the height of 20m above the field. There were prehistoric human beings living there. Apart from Kinh Chu cave, Duong Nhan Mountain, there are lots of particular interesting caves such as Vang cave, Luon cave, Trau cave, Tien Su cave, etc.
There are many animal figures carving on the rock and the old tools for working of the ancient people. People also use Kinh Chu cave to honor the Buddha, mediator Minh Khong, Ly Than Tong king, Xuan Zang monk and other stone statues which describe the typical facts in the prayer book of Buddhism.

Kinh Chu cave was soon restored by human. It is also combined with other landscape around to make it become the landscape of the East North of the country, which is close to the Red River delta. There is a small museum restoring the steles and the sculptures from seven centuries.

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