Lan Ha Bay is a part of the Cat Ba archipelago, covering an area of approximately 7000 hectares in the southeast of Halong Bay Vietnam. It is highlighted by the spectacular charm of 400 islands with diversified scales and shapes. All islands in Lan Ha bay are densely covered by trees making it different from Halong bay.

The Vietnamese tourists often spend the time from April to September traveling to the beach while the foreigners choose a period of time from November to March. The fall coming is the moment Lan Ha bay being the most beautiful in a year.

Cat Ba island bay can be explored in different ways – moving from the downtown of Cat Ba to Beo landing stage then hiring the boat to go somewhere or hiring the engine canoe to go around the bay.

Coming to this area, you will be attracted by many interesting places, namely Luon cave, Nam Cat island, Monkey Island, Van Boi Beach, Turtle island, Bell island, etc.

In the entrails of the bay, there are tiny sand-banks scattered on the island-base making the closed superb channels. Colorful coral ranges are located under the pure surface of water, opening out from Sen island to Cu island and then Monkey island.

Lan Ha Bay offers different activities including beach vacations, boat trips, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving.


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