Luc Yen Yen Bai is a mountainous district of Yen Bai province in the north west Vietnam. Luc Yen district is another Vietnam non-touristy travel destination offering some of best Vietnam off the beaten track holidays, adventure travel tours, and outdoor activities.

Luc Yen district covers an area of 811 square kilometres. It contains 1 township and 23 communes including Yen The, Tan Phuong, Lam Thuong, Khanh Thien, Minh Chuan, Khai Trung, Mai Son, An Lac, To Mau, Khanh Hoa, Dong Quan, Truc Lau, Phuc Loi, Trung Tam, An Phu, Phan Thanh, Minh Tien, Tan Lap, Lieu Do, Vinh Lac, Muong Lai, Xuan Minh, Yen Thang, and Tan Linh.

Getting to Luc Yen

You can get to Luc Yen Yen Bai by taking the overnight train from Hanoi. There are both night and day trains taking you from Hanoi train station to Yen Bai train station is located in Yen Bai provincial capital – Yen Bai city. From there either take a taxi or hire a car to be brought to Luc Yen district.

You can also rent a car from Hanoi. The car journey offers the chance to discover the northwest region of Vietnam.

There are public buses from Hanoi to Luc Yen. There are more than one departure a day at My Dinh bus station. Please bear in mind Hanoi local buses are usually full at weekend. Tickets can be reserved in advance through transport company or travel agents.

When to go

Yen Bai has the tropical monsoon climate with the average temperature of 220C – 230C, the average rainfall of 1,500 – 2,200 mm per year, and the average humidity of 83 – 87%, which are favorable for agriculture and forestry development.

Luc Yen – Yen Binh region with the average altitude of under 300 m, the average temperature of 200C- 230C has the most water surface area of the province, like Thac Ba lake with the area of 19,050 hectares, which is favorable for food crops, forestry, aquaculture and tourism.

The coldest period in Luc Yen is from December to February. There is often too thick fog in the winter, but then can be a very nice sunny day and everything changes rapidly. If you like trekking or cycling in and around Luc Yen it is recommended in months from September to November and March to May. In these months is very good weather and temperature from 15 to 28 °C and a night temperature from 10-18 °C.

What to do


Trekking is the best way to discover the mountainous district of Luc Yen, Yen Bai province, northwest Vietnam. Hiking activity offers the chance to explore Luc Yen tropical forest, luxuriant mountains, remote hill tribe villages, and beautifual terraced paddy fields. Whether it is a single day hike or multi day treks we have something to suit everybody.


Cycling is another great way to discover the region of Luc Yen. This less-traveled district of Yen Bai has sealed, paved cycle routes, single dirt tracks, mountain trails offering fantastic bike rides for enthusiastic road cyclists and mountain bikers. We have a range of road cycling tours and mountain bike tours around Luc Yen Yen Bai as well as the north west region of Vietnam, providing options for both those who want some mountain challenges and those who prefer long flat rides.

There are other travel activities which can also be available in Luc Yen such as cooking, traditional music performances, motorcycle, motorbike tours from Hanoi, community travel, caving, agricultural tours…

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