Son La city might not be an ideal place for outdoor activities and adventure travel vacations. The city is the provincial capital of Son La province in the northwest Vietnam. Son La city covers an area of 325 square kilometres.

Son La city contains 7 wards including Chieng An, Chieng Coi, Chieng Le, Chieng Sinh, Quyet Tam, Quyet Thang, To Hieu. There are 5 communes including Chieng Co, Chieng Den, Chieng Ngan, Chieng Xom, and Hua La.

The city attractions include Son La Former Prison and Museum which is located right in the city centre. This site preserves historic objects – evidence of a difficult but heroic time during the war, and also exhibits the historical and cultural tradition of 12 ethnic groups living in Son La province, Vietnam.

Getting to Son La city

The best way to get to Son La city is to take the short internal flight from Hanoi to Na San airport which is located in Son La city, Son La province.

If you travel in a small group, hiring a car from Hanoi may be a better choice. The car journey takes about 4 hours on road. It offers you the chance to discover the northwest region of Vietnam.

There are public buses from Hanoi to Son La city. Both day buses and night buses are available at My Dinh bus station. Buses are usually full at weekend.

When to go

Son La city features a tropical monsoon climate, which is characterized by torrential rains in the summer (from May to September) and cold and dry in winter (from November to January). Like many other travel places in the northern Vietnam, Son La city also suffers from the influence of the dry and hot wind from Laos in summer which makes the weather intolerable sometimes.

Son La city’s climate is divided into two distinct seasons. Winter lasts from October to March of the next year, and summer from April to September. The annual average temperature is 21.4oC.

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