Mixed fruits Hoa Qua Dam

Steeped fruit Hoa Qua Dam mixed fruits is a popular dessert in Vietnam. It’s basically many types of fruit put in a glass with sweetened milk poured on. People eat it by mixing ice with the steeped fruits to make a cold, milky mix.

When you’re in the tropics, a scoop of ice cream to beat the heat seems like a good idea. But for a healthier alternative, you might want to try Hoa qua dam, a blend of fresh tropical fruit in a cup with shaved ice, coconut milk, and condensed milk mixed in to sweeten it.

You’ll know if you’ve got a good glass of Hoa qua dam if there’s a lot of fruit mixed in, such as watermelon, custard apple, mango, avocado, golden melon, jackfruit and longan. The mix of fruits will also depend on the season.

In Hanoi, To Tich street is filled with Hoa qua dam stalls that the street is sometimes called Hoa qua dam street. It’s now a popular hangout of Hanoi teenagers and foreigners.


  1. You can add any seasonal fruit to this dessert. Chikkoos and strawberries are good options too.
  2. Refrigerate the fruits before you start preparing the dessert. This minimizes the waiting time.
  3. Top up with more Condensed milk and Coconut milk if you prefer it sweeter.

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