Vietnamese sour spring roll – Nem Chua

The Vietnamese Sour Spring Rolls “nem chua” are made from rustic ingredients, namely ground pork thigh, minced pork skin, chili, garlic, fish sauce, sugar, salt, those are mixed, pressed and then naturally fermented by tender fig or guava leaves.

The Vietnamese fermented pork roll has a very characteristic sour, acquired sweet, garlicky and salty taste with a nice crunch of pork rinds. While the fig leaf cover can be eaten with nem chua, creating a special acrid taste, the banana leaf cover makes its flavor more subtle and attractive.

The fermented pork rolls are made in the northern Vietnam is in favor of sour taste in general, and it has subtle fragrance of fern-leaf aralia. These are made in the southern Vietnam are more sweet and spicy.

Both traditional nem chua and grilled one are served with chutney mingled with squeezed kumquat or spicy fish sauce added lemon juice.

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