Mo Waterfall Na Hang – Tuyen Quang

Mo Waterfall is a wonderful ecological attraction of Tuyen Quang Province. It is located amid the Na Hang Natural Reserve in Na Hang District, about 5 hour drive from Hanoi.

The water pours into the lake lying at the foot of the mountain. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the Mo Waterfall is to take a boat to get closer to the waterfall. The boat trip offers a feeling of relax and the opportunity to admire the picturesque settings.

The waterfall consists of 3 layers. To reach the second layer, visitors have to climb up 100m by a rope ladder. At the foot of the second layer, there is a small lake. Here, visitors will see the imposing landscape with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

The water flows slowly through the green moss-covered rocks, which look like a velvet rug. Keep climbing, visitors will reach the third layer. Water pours very strongly. The coolness of water seems to drive back the exhaustion of visitors, and to bring about a new feeling for them when they stand at the top to have a panoramic view of Na Hang Town, which is surrounded by 99 mountains.

Another activity is to take a short walk into the primitive forest to discover the wild nature. The sounds of the waterfall, birds and gibbons, and silver light going through the thick layers will make visitors feel as if they were in the prehistoric time.

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