Na Hang Nature Reserve – Tuyen Quang

Na Hang Nature Reserve is located in 4 communes of Khau Tinh, Con Lon, Son Phu and Thanh Tuong of Na Hang District, Tuyen Quang Province, about 6 hour drive from Hanoi. This is a famous tourist attraction in the North for lovers of nature, adventure tourism and exploring indigenous culture.

Na Hang Nature Reserve covers an area of 21,000ha, boasting beautiful natural scenery, fascinating landscapes, diverse forest resources, biologicall diversity and endemic flora and fauna.

It unfolds a quite thick vegetation cover, and over 1,000 plant species, including rare and valuable ones such as the dinh, mun (ebony trees), sen (bassia). It is home to 79 animal species, such as tiger, panther, flying weasel, flying squirrel, bear, antelope, deer, ape, and so on.

Especially, its upturned-nosed monkey (Rhinopitecus avunculus) has been listed in the World’s Red Book. The forest also shelters 263 winged animal species, such as pheasant, phoenix, as well as 35 frog species; 25 reptile species; and over 500 insect species.

Na Hang Lake lying in the nature reserve and covering an area of 8,000ha is the converging of two poetic rivers, Gam and Nang, and is surrounded by 99 mountains. Visitors can take a small boat to travel around, to explore Pac Ta Mountain, the highest in Na Hang, and visit Pac Ta and Pac Vang Temples. Several minority ethnic groups such as Mong, Tay, Dao live around the lake.

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF-US) has identified Na Hang Nature Reserve as one of the highest valued biodiversity ecosystems in the world.

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