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Tan Trao War Relics is a complex of Vietnam revolutionary war sites in Son Duong District, 40 km from Tuyen Quang City and 200km from Hanoi. It consists of Tan Trao Communal House, Hong Thai Communal House, and Na Nua.

Tan Trao was a temporary capital of the independent section of Viet Nam, where the Vietnamese Communist Party held several meetings, especially during August 1945. On 13 August 1945, attendees voted in favor of a general revolution during a National Conference meeting of the Communist Party. On 16 August 1945, the National Assembly Conference was held.

Ten major policies were voted by the Viet Minh, the League for the Independence of Viet Nam, and a temporary government chaired by President Ho Chi Minh was established. The Viet Minh army was also founded on that day. Also on 16 August, the Provisional Government led by President Ho Chi Minh had a meeting in the Tan Trao Communal House. The participants of this conference stayed at the Hong Thai Communal House. One hundred meters north of the communal house is the Tan Trao Banyan tree. Between June and August 1945, before he returned to Ha Noi, President Ho Chi Minh resided in this area in a cottage erected by the liberation soldiers.

Tan Trao Communal House

Tan Trao Communal House is located in Tan Lap Village, Tan Trao Commune, Son Duong District, Tuyen Quang Province. This was a venue to organize National People’s Congress – the great historical event which created the foundation for August Revolution’s Victory.

Tan Trao Communal House (former name of Kim Long) was built in the 6th year of King Tu Duc’s reign (1853) as a culture-belief centre of local people. The communal house worships the Tutelary god of village and seven gods of rivers, mountains surrounding the area of Kim Long Village.

In the Year of Pig (1923), the communal house was restored according to the architecture of stilt-house including three compartments and two lean-tos with palm leaf roof and boarded floor. The altar is placed in the centre compartment.

Tan Trao Banyan Tree

About 500m to the east of Tan Trao Communal House, Tan Trao banyan tree is one of the symbols of Tan Trao revolutionary land. At this banyan tree, on 16 August 1945, General Vo Nguyen Giap announced the Military Order No.1 to launch the General Uprising. After that, Viet Nam Liberation Force held a ceremony to go into battle with the presence of Tan Trao Commune’s people and 60 participants of the National People’s Congress.

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