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Nguyen Du temple is dedicated to Nguyen Du (1765-1820), a celebrated Vietnamese poet who wrote in chu nom, the ancient writing script of Vietnam. He is most known for writing the epic poem The Tale of Kieu.

The Tale of Kieu was based on an earlier Chinese prose narrative, Kim Van Kieu. It was written under a pen-name as the story was quite critical of the basic tenets of Confucian morality. It is a tragic tale of two lovers forced apart by the girl’s loyalty to her family honor. In Vietnam, the poem is so popular and beloved that some people know the whole epic by heart and can recite it without a mistake.

The vestiges associated with Nguyen Du and the Nguyen clan scatters on an area of 20ha in Tien Dien Village, stretching from the bank of the Lam River to the border with Dong Cung region.

Nguyen Du temple was built in 1825 in his native land of Tien Dien Village, Nghi Xuan District, Ha Tinh province. The structure is about two hectares. From the main entrance, we can see the guesthouse, literature houses, Nguyen Quynh memorial site, Nguyen Du temple, and a museum.

The museum displays many valuable objects such as the ink-slabs, plates made of shell Nguyen Du received as gifts during his ambassadorial trip to China, and the container of the royal diplomas conferred on Nguyen Nghiem.

Nguyen Du’s burial site is located in Dong Cung, consisting of an altar, the tomb, and a garden. The altar has a stone stele and a statue in the shape of a table. The stele is carved with 19th century designs.

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