Phja Den Cao Bang is located in the north east Vietnam, at about 240km from Ha Noi. Phja Den, also called Phia Den has the total area of 24,631 hectares, and consists of Thanh Cong, Phan Thanh, Quang Thanh communes, Tinh Tuc Townlet of Nguyen Binh District, Cao Bang province.

Tours and activities which can be arranged in Phia Den include Phia Den jungle treks, mountain climbs, mountain biking, road trips, bird watching, mountain retreat, family holidays…

Phja Den is about 1500 – 2000m above the sea level. The diversification and richness of wild animals and plants with many rare species are good attraction to foreign tourists. The ecological system has highly diversified biology with rare and precious animals and vegetables such as multiflorous knootweed, false ginseng, black chics, tropical fruits and vegetables, insects for scientific researches. The diversified flora covers with many precious and rare kinds.

In the colonial time, the French have made this area a mountain retreat. We can see now ruins of Tai Song villa, Tatsloom villa.

Phja Den Cao Bang still stays away from mas tourism. Coming there you have the chance to discor off the beaten path hill tribe villages, beautiful terraced fields, caves, and primitive forest. Besides, it has cool climate throughout the year like that of Sapa and Tam Dao.

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