Pu Prang Village – Dak Nong

Pu Prang Village is situated in Dak Rung Commune, Dak Song District, Dak Nong province. It is a traditional M’nong village which still preserves many unique M’nong cultural features, works of folk literature such as: the anthem, the epic…

Pu Prang Village preserves more than 200 epics of M’Nong ethnic group (also called Ot-Nrong). The epic collection has great human values (genealogy epic set). In the village, family of Dieu Kau artist has been studying, collecting, compiling and storing hundreds of Ot-Nrong of this region.

The way to show the Ot-Nrong songs is to sing (sing at mountain field, nearby the cooking fire, in the festivals…). Ot-Nrong singing expresses high solidarity in family and community, associates with the education of community tradition and is indispensable to M’Nong people after hard working days.

Coming to Pu Prang Village, visitors have opportunity to visit the particular architecture styles of the M’Nong graves. These are traditional relics showing decorative art; symbols and patterns elaborately carved on wood reflect the beliefs of M’Nong ethnic group. Visitors will be able to join many festivals of the ethnic minorities here if visiting the village in March.

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