Soi Nhu Cave – Quang Ninh

Soi Nhu cave, also called Mieu cave is about 6 miles from Tra Than, 8km from Cai Rong port, Van Don, Quang Ninh province, northeast Vietnam. Book our Quang Ninh car trips to discover Soi Nhu cave at your own pace.

Soi Nhu cave was surveyed since 1964 and excavated since 1967. It is divided into three spaces: lower part, middle part, and upper part.

The upper part has small dimension. Its floor is about 12m above the sea level, and it contains sands, bat shit and fish bones left by the birds. The height from the floor to the ceiling is 3.4m, the width is 3.5m, and the depth is 3.7m. The middle part is the main site for excavation in 1967. It is 1.7m high, 3.4m deep in the longest, and 3.6m in the widest.

The lower part is about 1m above the tide level. It is 12m wide, 9m height, and 21m deep. In the cultural layer, there is a bone of cow’s leg, and 400 fish vertebras, and the shellfish cover. All makes the layer is 1.5m thick in the lower part of the cave. That proves the owners of it have lived here for quite a long time and the main method of living is collect shellfish, shell, fruit, and bulb or roots of tree.

In the Bai Tu Long bay, there musts be a lot of cavees and caves which are not discovered and it is hoped that in the next excavation chance, there would be much more relics could be found to prove for the Soi Nhu culture and the origination of Halong Culture.

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