Tam Coc Ninh Binh or Tam Coc cave is located in Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, about 130km from Hanoi city’s center. Tam Coc is dubbed as “Ha Long Bay in land” due to its similar topography to Halong bay.

We at Lotussia Travel offer day trips and short excursions from Hanoi for you to explore Tam Coc Ninh Binh as well as its surrounding attractions.

The main attraction of Tam Coc is the boat ride between the cliffs of the river and through 3 tunnels dug by the river through the peaks. One of Vietnam’s most spectacular sights. If possible, take the boat ride in the morning before the excursion groups arrive from Hanoi, or late afternoon after the groups have left. Last boats start out about 5:30PM in the summer and 4:30PM in the winter. Rowers can usually row with their feet as well as their hands, which makes quite an interest sight.

From the Van Lam warf, take a rowing boat trip which goes on Ngo Dong river. After about one hour rowing, you reach the first cave – Hang Ca. Ca Cave is 127m long and 20m wide. The next is Hai Cave of 60m long and 18m wide which is reached by traveling about 1km from Ca Cave. And the last is Ba Cave with 50m long and 18m wide located near Hai Cave. These caves are adorned with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes.

The boat trip is very peaceful and scenic. During the boat ride, enjoy magnificent view of the river, mountain, and caves. Best time to visit Tam Coc is March, or the end May and early June. In March, the Ngo Dong River blends with green rice fields. At the end of May and early June, the Ngo Dong River goes together with yellow rice fields.

Apart from the boat ride, there are 2 beautiful sites to visit. These are Bich Dong Pagoda, 3 km after the Tam Coc Pier, built on one of the cliff and which provides incredible views (go all the way to the top of the cliff via the small passage on the right of the last pagoda, which is inside the cliff) and Thai Vi Temple, accessible via the small road on the right of the pier.

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