Vietnam Ethnic Groups: The Thuy

The Thuy ethnic group has been recognized in 1973. They were viewed as a branch of the H’mong ethnicity called “Mông nước” (‘the H’mong of the Water’). Ever since, Tuyen Quang province recognized the Thuy as an ethnicity even though it was not included in the list of 22 various ethnic groups inhabiting the area.

The Thuy people live in a small valley situated in the hamlet of Thuong Minh, which is part of the Hong Quang commune at Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province.

In the past, because of low population, there were incestuous marriages between first cousins within the community. Later on, due to exposure to other ethnic groups, inter-ethnic marriages with the people of the Pe Then, Dao, and Kinh ethnic groups have reinvigorated the Thuy people’s genealogical connections.

The women’s traditional dresses are dyed with indigo; they are spread skirts that have turtlenecks and cross-buttons, with the waist tied by a strip of colorful cloth, and embellished with other accessories such as necklaces and silver bracelets.

Despite living among many different ethnic groups, the Thuy people still preserve many distinctive cultural characteristics that are unique to them. They have a whole collection of folk love songs, and still preserve great stories.


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