Vietnam Weather February

Vietnam weather February. February is not the best month for visit Vietnam. Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate. The weather in Vietnam is dictated by two seasons – the southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April.

The month of February is one of the finest months to visit Vietnam. Across the country you will experience bright and sunny days with low level of humidity and almost no rain. February is the time when you can explore the beautiful beaches of Vietnam and swim in ocean water to have fun. Sunny days in Vietnam during February encourages tourist to visit different tourist places. The temperature stays low even though with blue sky and bright sunshine. However the country experiences a little bit of rain in southern area.

Cities like Hue and Dalat stays cool and have genial climate perfect for vacation. If you are planning a vacation in highland areas in Vietnam then make sure that you pack your bag with warm clothes as the temperature drops significantly during nights. If you are planning to visit the southern part of Vietnam then don’t forget to pack your bag with light clothes for hot weather.

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