Vietnam Weather May

Vietnam Weather May. Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate. The weather in Vietnam is dictated by two seasons – the southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April. Early May is the best time for a northern Vietnam tour.

May is one of the moths when you will experience good weather condition across the Vietnam. Traveling can be done in the month of May in Vietnam. However some parts of Vietnam like southern part starts to experience rain. However center part of Vietnam still remains perfect for vacation. Bright sunshine, clear sky and cool breeze are the features of central Vietnam in the month of May. Not just west, north also starting to experience rain. Throughout the country temperature hovers around 24 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius.

The mist in the air will make living in western and northern part uncomfortable. While central part still features good weather condition for tourist. You can visit central Vietnam and enjoy widespread beaches, bright sunshine and mild cool breeze. Across the country it rains almost fifteen days in an average in the month of May. Before booking your ticket for central Vietnam make sure that you check weather forecasts.

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